Snowflake Touches

Photo on Pikist
Photo on Pikist
I think she
is a light flurry
of falling flakes:
twirling in spirals
fluttering softly
making small shivers
With small shivers
I meet them:
small skin kisses
smiling all over
rejoicing my senses
making soft meetings
I meet her
for love of them
for love of her
I meet her shining moonlit flakes

Heart Waters

Photo by Manish Gautam
Photo by Manish Gautam on Pexels
My soul sings for soft, melancholy melodies
that run in restful rivulets,
follow their own flow under Autumn’s raining leaves
My heart hums in harmony with tender tones
that sound in sighing breezes,
sharing thoughts in gentle tellings to all who listen
My heart hears and lives

Rusty Rails

Photo by Mike Birdy
Photo by Mike Birdy on Pexels
Down by rusty rails
frail and flaking
over stoney steps that fell
til faced with currents breaking
Along the weary way
to crests by crumbling
under hand and step the feel
the smell of salt
the rails were shaking
Where moss and lichen lived
my soul was breaking

Breathing Earth

Photo by Marianne Long
Photo by Marianne Long on Unsplash
The lovely earth instills her sanity,
emanates bliss, breathes belonging.
in stirring leaves & smell of moss…
in soil scent & whispering gust…
Oh, to feel apart from her is sorrow!
Forgetful soul, left without:
from life-well draw a drought that never dries!

Heart of Morning

Photo by unknown artist
Photo by unknown artist on Pikist
Your heart is the morning
a beautiful mist
dappled in sunlight
each touch is a kiss
Your thought in the weather
of tremulous heart
is song like a child’s
I’m taken apart
Ah land ever lovely
I sing at your thought
in your lull I will listen
breathe never for naught

Wind Song

Photo by Dan Meyers
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash
Old as the sound of the wind
new as its touch unseen
Soft as the world’s own whisper
suddenly heard
Fair as mist-bright weather
dark as mystery’s heart
So the song of the one I call my land
of voice so small come
sea-deep words

Loss of an Hourglass

Photo by Gif Frame
Photo by Gif Frame on Unsplash
A frustrated hourglass, stiff and fragile:
the sand slips through grain by grain.
They slip through smoothly, time still passes:
its curved body cannot contain.
The glass bends inward to grasp each grain
as sand dances through its open hand.
Each crystal falls like precious rain
the sand so fine flows on like time.
A lonely hourglass has lost its last:
an empty peace so calm and still.
The desperate pain left nothingness,
but the glass is turned and so the sand will spill.

My Land, My Love

Photo by Peter Steiner
Photo by Peter Steiner on Unsplash
I am here…
holding your heart with each thought
breathing your presence as written words take form
sighing of each inward breath
until of my labor at last I birth
song enough to say my secret
verse enough to voice this truth
poem enough to remember these moments
that should I be drawn away
I should find my away again
find again my love and know her