I Was Her Own

Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya
Photo by Tommaso Picone on Pexels
In the dance of leaves
that came of a small breath
and made shade & light
shine colors…
In the play of waters
that sang of recent rains
and laughed, cascading
tones & joyfulness
Between colors & song
I saw her for the first time
and our eyes met
Between song & dance of color
I knew I was her own

All That was Said

Photo by Tommaso Picone
Photo by Tommaso Picone on Pexels
It was said
all of it
in the droplets
that met the soil
the small pounding
in each tiny tap
It was the scent
and the sound
and the quiet company of trees
that calmed me
Those moments
tenderly tapping
softly scented
It was those hushed
hesitant moments
that let free
what saying
fell short of

Snowflake Touches

Photo on Pikist
Photo on Pikist
I think she
is a light flurry
of falling flakes:
twirling in spirals
fluttering softly
making small shivers
With small shivers
I meet them:
small skin kisses
smiling all over
rejoicing my senses
making soft meetings
I meet her
for love of them
for love of her
I meet her shining moonlit flakes