Whispers of the Sea

Photo by Rodrigo Soares
Photo by Rodrigo Soares on Unsplash
Beautiful love
My lovely joy
Ah joyous heart here with me
I sing
I sigh
these simple words
are all I have to give
Oh gentle soul
My soulful song
With songful eyes you meet me
I sway
I swoon
and breathe your winds
my light, you make me live
Do come my heart
Whose heart I love
Whose lovely eyes so take me
My one, my all
whose own I am
your sweet voice comes to me
My land, my love
who whispers of the sea

Published by Caelan Rowan McCuen

Poet and writer of imaginative fiction; lover of ancient wisdom literature and mythology; one most passionate about the vibrant world, and all life, and all beauty...it is all I am.

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