Loss of an Hourglass

Photo by Gif Frame
Photo by Gif Frame on Unsplash
A frustrated hourglass, stiff and fragile:
the sand slips through grain by grain.
They slip through smoothly, time still passes:
its curved body cannot contain.
The glass bends inward to grasp each grain
as sand dances through its open hand.
Each crystal falls like precious rain
the sand so fine flows on like time.
A lonely hourglass has lost its last:
an empty peace so calm and still.
The desperate pain left nothingness,
but the glass is turned and so the sand will spill.

Published by Caelan Rowan McCuen

Poet and writer of imaginative fiction; lover of ancient wisdom literature and mythology; one most passionate about the vibrant world, and all life, and all beauty...it is all I am.

3 thoughts on “Loss of an Hourglass

  1. The ending made the poem TOTALLY worth it. I didn’t know hourglasses could be so interesting. Nice. Nice. Keep on writing. A note: the 4th verse of the 3rd stanza, (for me, at least) stopped the build-up to the end climax, because of the rhyme itself by referring to “time”. Maybe use another word?

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    1. Hi Julio, thank you for the encouragement. The subtle break at the end of the 2nd stanza from the internal rhyme is intentional. It makes one stop, the way grief comes haltingly. It’s like an illusion of resolution, proving only temporary, before the last verse attempts again to make peace with the ongoing experience of loss.

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